Monday, 6 July 2009

English Homemaking in 2009

For a while now I have lived the unfulfilled life regardless of my intermediate efforts and desires in many homemaking directions. Being a mum to four kids comes with great joys and challenges with many things to do. Life itself pushes us in so many different directions and if we aren't careful we can get to a point of difficult return during these times. The supporting material for this blog {but not exclusive} is the book titled Facinating Womanhood written by Helen Andelin back in the 50's!

I am taking back my life. I am not entirely sure how i'm going to do it but with the help of Jia's Facinating Womanhood study group and my own daily efforts and new found discipline I endeavour to upstage my routine, enrich my daily activities and become much more productive than I am now. To learn more about me please feel free to visit my personal blog: Life as Me

Please join me for this journey, take a look at Jia's blog who is a married woman without children but still determined to enrich her marriage and life with good old fashioned family and spiritual values. I, on the other hand am a divorced mother. Though I comfortably look back and feel I gave all I could to my marriage, I can also say that there were things I could have done different, better or more frequently. Whatever our own personal situation we can all benefit from the study group that Jia has began, of which I shall be using to record my own achievements and thoughts here on this blog. Feel free to pop over to Jia's blog and ask her for an invite to the study group blog.

What is this blog really about?
Homemaking covers all areas of keeping house, raising happy, healthy children and making our marriage as happy as possible. It is my belief that we give before we can receive and in doing that we can often feel like we are losing out or something similar. The truth is we just dont see the good we are doing as we want to see it! So along this journey I will be sharing many tried and tested life experiences to do with:
  • Believing in oneself
  • Getting through tough times
  • General homemaking
  • Recipes
  • Sewing ideas and patterns
  • Sharing memories
  • How to support your husband
  • Decluttering the home
  • Storage solutions
  • Daily gratitudes
  • and lots, lots more!
What's in this blog for you?
Come join me, if you have a blog please leave a link to it, if you are a homemaker then I will link you up to here and do a regular shout out for you. For anyone that introduces this blog to a friend or another homemaker I will do a special feature on YOUR blog as a thank you! If you link to me I will also link to you and I will also mention you and an article that particularly grabs my attention from your blog! Whichever way you look at it, you win here!

If you would like to sponsor The English Homemaker then please email me {listed below} and we will move forward with something that will pleasing to your site and mine. If you have a super-duper item or service that you would like me to feature for a giveaway or competition, again please email me the details. If this blog can serve you in any way again, I'd love to hear from you!

I am always looking for new ideas on any aspect of homemaking, parenting, self help, crafts etc so if you feel like sharing any of your own experiences, please, please send them through. ALL will be valued, appreciated and shared!

If at any time anyone has any kind of question, query or comment please email me at and I will either reply to you personally or post the response on here!

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Kelly said...

Hey Debs!

I just found your blog through a few others and just wanted to say hi! What a wonderful premis! Homemaking is such a blessed occupation and it's wonderful to see more and more women exciting about this role. Rock on, mama!

Love from overseas,